I’ve been working as an independent professional for 6 years now, through out this time I’ve worked in almost every field of a Brand Communication strategy. Including, of course Brand Identity, but also Product & Packaging Design, Photography, Fashion and Trend Research, etc.

I believe exchanging with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds allows stimulating learning trades and improves everyone’s work. I also beleive that an important part of communication is being able to comprehend the human experience as vastly as possible, that is why many years ago I made the commitment to exercise my profession from different parts of the world, thanks to this I have had the chance of working along with colleagues and clients from Lima, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Montreal, Miami, Kuwait and Sao Paulo.

I’ve work with big international organisations and with small start-ups, each representing different challenges and unique personal rewards.

An important number of my projects have been handled remotly, so no matter what city you are, I am interested in knowing more about you and your project!

Thanks for stopping by!